Roadmaps and an Open Beta!

We hope this post finds you well and that you had a great start to the year! As we continue to work on Fiber Club, we want to share what we’ve been working on since our last update.

There is now a Fiber Club roadmap which you can find here or see below. We only included the first half of the year as anything beyond that is very likely to change. The focus for January was on the Designer Only Beta and to start work on the Designer Portal which will be on the web.

For the Designer Only Beta, we reached out to all the designers we have patterns for. We have received some valuable feedback and are still waiting for some responses. Bugs and feedback were added as tickets to our workload. While most bugs have been fixed, most feedback regarding user experience have been added to the backlog.

The Designer Portal is our next main area of focus as a lot of features will be addressed when we build it out. It is imperative we give autonomy back to the designers to manage their profile and pattern listings. We created a user map of the features we’d like to include and the next step is to make wireframes to get a sense of how the webpages will look. More details to come as we continue to work on the Designer Portal!

We decided to have an open beta that will be open until we launch. The first reason is so we can share what we’ve been working on with you! The second is so we can continue to receive feedback and fresh perspectives on its current iteration. The third is so we can work on the Designer Portal and get that synced with the app. If you are interested in joining the open beta, you can fill out this form. If there is room to add you, you will be sent an email with further instructions.

Finally, we wanted to improve our communication with you all. We have been providing mini-updates to the Patreons every other week in accordance with our 2 week sprints. Email/blog updates will be sent towards the beginning of every month to cover the work we did in the previous month.

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