Personal Update – Flood

Hi Everyone,

On Monday, January 22nd, a once in a ‘thousand-year-storm’ caused a flash flood that destroyed the homes of many San Diegans, us included. We’ve had to take an unexpected hiatus from Fiber Club while we salvage as much as we can and fix our home. We’ve had a lot of sleepless nights and long days of cleaning what we can, but luckily Rommel and I are both safe. We’re also incredibly grateful to all of our friends, family members, and neighbors that helped us with ripping out the flooring, taking off drywall and insulation, hauling mud, and more. We would not have been able to get through the last two weeks without them.

If you’d like to read more about the flood, here is an article from the LA Times that details some of the destruction that happened. This is an article from NBC7 San Diego that lists various ways to donate or volunteer if you’re local.

Once we’re able to sort out our housing situation and get back on track with Fiber Club, we will send another update. Until then, we thank you for your understanding and we hope you are as safe and healthy as you can be.

Liza + Rommel