Designer Enrollment Workflows

We made a lot of updates to the enrollment statuses and were able to finish the workflows for Accepted, Rejected, and Updates Required. Once a designer submits their enrollment, their enrollment goes into a process for review on the Fiber Club Admin panel. From there, the reviewer will be able to select a status and add their notes if needed. 

A screenshot of the Fiber Club Designer Program Enrollment page.

Pending Enrollment

After a designer submits an enrollment, their form goes into review mode. We added a screen for designers to see that their enrollment is in review and they can also retract the enrollment or update it at any time.

A screenshot of the Fiber Club admin panel to review designer enrollments.

Retracting Enrollment

We initially intended for designers to be able to retract their enrollment at any time. The functionality exists and we still intend to do this, but we removed the retract option after an enrollment is accepted or rejected because we need to spend some time carefully considering what should happen on the platform if a designer that has sold patterns retracts their enrollment. Should they become regular users? Should their patterns become unavailable? Should their account be completely deleted? These are important questions that need consideration and since we’re focused on launching as soon as possible, we added that item to our backlog. Note that users can still delete their account from the Fiber Club mobile app, which permanently deletes their entire account and settings.

Designer Approval

We added a screen for Fiber Club reviewers to see a list of designer enrollments needing review. On click of the enrollment, a reviewer can read through all their details and they can click an Approve button to complete the enrollment. This triggers an automatic email to the designer that their enrollment has been approved and allows them the ability to manage their listings in the Fiber Club mobile app.

A screenshot of an approved Fiber Club designer enrollment.

Designer Rejection

If we ever need to reject a designer, we created a workflow so the Fiber Club admin can reject their submission and send along the reasoning as to why. We anticipate designer rejections will occur for fake submissions and in instances when a designer’s values would cause harm to the community we are actively trying to build. The designer would then be notified of the rejection via an automatic email. 

A screenshot of the Fiber Club admin designer enrollment rejection pop-up.

Updates Required

We made the “Updates Required” status in case there is missing information or clarification needed for a designer enrollment submission. We created the workflow for the reviewer to be able to select this status and include their notes in order for the designer to view. The designer is then able to amend information as needed then re-submit their enrollment for review.

Once a designer submits their updates, a notification is triggered that it needs an additional review and their enrollment shows up again for a Fiber Club admin to review the updates. 

This completes the initial feature set for designer enrollments! Next up, we’ll start working on the feature sets related to allowing designers to manage their listings.

Happy Holidays!