Designer Enrollment Functionality

Going into December, we’ve continued to make progress on the Designer Portal, focusing on a number of different things aimed to make the enrollment experience efficient and user-friendly.

We’ve added a lot of functionality to the enrollment process itself – being able to submit an enrollment, view the status, the ability to retract, and a process that emails you when your enrollment status has changed. We’ve also streamlined the UI, reduced visual clutter, and eliminated flickers. This helps make the user experience more streamlined.

In addition to the above, we’ve also invested some time into setting up automated tests for the Fiber Club portal. This helps ensure a reliable platform, and we will add to this test suite over time.

To review designer enrollments and listings, we created a special “reviewer” role. With the reviewer role, we’ll be able to onboard members of the community to assist with the review process so that it doesn’t become a bottleneck. More details to come.