Back at it!

Hello everybody! We’ve finally sorted through the mess of rebuilding after the flood and have resumed work on Fiber Club! It’s been a long few months and we really appreciate your patience and understanding while we dealt with contractors, FEMA and lawyers.

In Fiber Club news, we’ve continued work on the Designer Portal and have built out the infrastructure to add more pattern information to a listing.

Sizes and Yarns

We’d love to be able to have users filter by their yardage or size requirements so it’s easy and simple for them to see all applicable patterns. In order to standardize this process, we have stuck to a few sizing names and also paired each size with the yardage requirement.

Screenshot of the Fiber Club Designer Portal Size and Yarn area within the pattern listing.

We’re still thinking through this set-up so it is subject to change, especially once more thorough testing gets underway. We also know this will be a large pain point and have started brainstorming ideas of how to automate this process.

Since all designers are unique and display sizing and yardage information differently, we are also not requiring this information to be input if the designer chooses to include a screenshot or include it in the description instead. (We will encourage designers to add the sizing and yardage requirements as text somewhere on the listing to help with screen reader capability though.)

Additionally, on the Designer Portal we’ve added formats and techniques for the same purposes of being able to filter for them. The ability to upload a PDF to the listing is also now available! Rommel also added more automated tests so we can make sure we’re alerted if something will break before releasing new updates.

We’re excited to get back to work on Fiber Club and will keep you posted once more progress has been made. Take care!