A peek into the Fiber Club app

It's been a long and winding road to get to this point, but we're excited about the direction we're headed in and wanted to share some screenshots of the Fiber Club app with all of you. The open beta invitations have started going out, but since there are limitations with inviting everyone, we thought we could share these images so everyone has a chance to peek into the world we've been creating for the past couple years.

In regards to the work completed in February, we focused on the Designer Portal. We decided what pages were necessary, what type of logins and users we'd have, and the flow from one page to the next. We created all of the wire frames for each webpage and have started working on the designs as well.

We have also wrapped up communications with designers regarding the beta so far and received a lot of great feedback. We were able to fix a few bugs and implement some minor changes with everything else put in as tickets for the backlog.

Looking back at what we've made, we've come so far from just a budding idea to having a functional app. Although it's not perfect and there are still so many other features we'd like to make, we are incredibly thankful to have your support and continue in this journey. Thank you for coming with us and we can't wait to share more as we continue to build an inclusive and accessible fiber platform.

Until next time,

Liza + Rommel

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