We have a dev site!

Since we’ve started work on the designer portal, we realized we needed a way to work on features without breaking the site directly. Similar to the development version of the Fiber Club app, we implemented a separate dev site at dev.fiber.club for the designer portal. This site has the same features of the main site, but is behind a log in screen so we can test things before release.

In addition to setting up the dev site, we also created the main page for designers to sign in or apply to add their listings to the Fiber Club portal. Right now it just has basic static content and we will soon work on the log in and log out functionality.

We have had some issues with email deliverability, so we also took some time to tweak our email server with additional records. This should help our emails land in the inbox. We may also look into more robust solutions like Twilio’s offerings, but for now this should be enough of an improvement.

Rommel also worked on some maintenance tasks. The database certificates were updated on AWS, and the version of PostgreSQL that we use was updated to the latest version.

Big picture wise, we came up with succinct Fiber Club business statements to help guide our features as a reminder of what we are ultimately working towards. We also outlined the basics of our value propositions for designers to list on the website after the designer portal is complete.

That’s it for now and thanks for reading.