August Update

At the beginning of August, we sent the mobile beta to more iOS and Android users. An Android user let us know that they couldn’t download patterns, which turned out to be a permission issue. The latest builds on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for beta testers should have this issue resolved.

Another bug we resolved was pattern sizing not showing sequentially. This was caused by our sizing system for patterns being alphabetical, when in actuality we want the various representations to show in a specific order. For example, sizing with sizes “A” through “Z”, should be alphabetical, but numeric sizing (e.g. “0” through “20”) should be in numeric order, and band sizing should be from “Extra small” to “Extra large”. We also don’t want the various sizing systems to mix with each other. This issue should also be resolved in the latest beta build.

On the designer portal, we completed basic scaffolding with NextJS and we recreated the Privacy and Terms of Service pages. These pages are not very exciting, but we are already seeing the improvements in faster load times, SEO optimizations, and accessibility improvements. We will share more details on these items once we have more important functionality built out.

The blog is now hosted on WordPress as we’ve moved on from using Ghost. While Ghost was great, its latest versions require a specific database which we didn’t want to maintain, so we opted for WordPress instead. We took time to set up the new blog and migrated all of the content over from the previous blog.

Lastly, we built a little version bumping script for the mobile codebase. It will help with ensuring the versioning of the mobile app is always correct. Prior to the script, we were manually updating versions which was time consuming and error prone.