Hello everyone! It's been a while. We have been working hard behind the scenes so let's catch up. :)

Rommel suggested we make milestones to mark our progress towards the app. So we have 5 sections.

  • Login and Onboarding
  • PDF Upload
  • Purchases
  • Search and Filter
  • Settings and Accessibility

With these milestones it makes it easy to focus on one part of the app and also celebrate once we've finished. So far, we are mostly done with the Login and Onboarding milestone (yay!) and will be reaching the PDF Upload milestone this weekend (second yay!).

Login and Onboarding Milestone

We implemented a few single sign-on options for both iOS and Android as well as a regular sign-in with an email. There are a few optional onboarding questions as well so we can at some point suggest patterns that match what you make, but the information gathered will not be implemented during launch.

The only reason why the milestone is not officially closed is because we still need to test for Android. The iOS testing was pretty smooth, but we realized we had a few bugs on the Android side and needed more time to fix them. Now we're waiting for approval from the Google Play store before the Android testers can provide their feedback. Otherwise, this milestone should be completely closed in the next couple weeks.

During this milestone, Rommel also set up the necessary infrastructure for localization and internationalization. Although we will only have American English to start, having the option to easily add in other languages will come in handy when we get to that stage.

PDF Upload Milestone

In terms of the PDF Upload process, we decided to cut the scope quite a bit. Originally we were going to build out a process so designers could upload patterns themselves. But with our tight deadline and 3 major milestones still coming up, I agreed to manually upload all pattern PDFs for the launch. Although this process is not ideal and will take a significant amount of work on my end, it eliminates a lot of initial coding work for Rommel which will free up his time to figure out the other components for the launch.

We have started to reach out to designers and are slowly building our first wave of patterns that will be available on Fiber Club. We also implemented a system to flag accessible patterns which will make it easier to search and filter for them.

That said, if you are a knit or crochet designer interested in posting your patterns with us, please fill out this form.

Purchases Milestone

The next milestone is with purchasing. This will include the cart view and purchase history, as well as a way to actually receive the pattern. Since we'll have to do some research into how we'll implement these processes, we don't have a deadline for this yet.

We are excited to see progress happening and the app finally coming together. A lot of the work in the past year has been setting up the backend correctly, and being able to see our designs coming to life is really fun. We can't wait to see more and more of the app become functional and ready for the launch!

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