Fiber Club Logo Reveal

Our first step into official branding begins with our new logo! I am so excited to show you what we came up with.

But first, a little background.

Rommel and I knew that neither of us wanted to design the logo. We also knew it would be a great platform for us to collaborate with someone, ideally in the fiber community, who knew our origin story and what we were trying to build.

I asked for recommendations on Instagram and found Teri (@commonteri on IG) through that process. We came to her with some initial ideas about wanting an image based logo, but after the first round of proofs we realized we wanted to move in a different direction. So we paused the logo process and took a step back to hammer out the app design.

We asked ourselves questions like:

  • What do we want Fiber Club to look like?
  • How do we want it function?
  • What are our design values?

And came up with the following design principles.

The design of Fiber Club should be simple, clear and easy to use. This includes minimalist and neutral aesthetics to let pattern images shine. This also includes accessibility guidelines are met to ensure people can use the app comfortably.

We also knew that we wanted to stay away from branding that would present as overly "cute-sy" or "girl-y" in an effort to welcome a broader range of users.

With these principles in mind, we continued the design process with Teri and came up with the below logo.

So without further ado, we present to you, the official Fiber Club logo.

Fiber Club logo

We're excited to see the Fiber Club brand start to take shape and we look forward to expanding on the design throughout the app! Next step includes designing all of the app layouts and getting the first round of feedback with an Alpha test.

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